Importance of Hatchery Ventilation Room Pressure

Everyone in the hatchery industry understands that proper ventilation is vital to having a high percentage hatch. If the temperature or relative humidity are not where they are supposed to be, it is common knowledge that the hatch will be lower and the hatchery will end up with poorer quality birds. However, keeping the proper room pressure throughout the hatch cycle can be as vital as room temperature and relative humidity.

A lot of hatcheries will erroneously sacrifice room pressure to satisfy temperature or humidity settings. In some cases, a hatchery may not have any other choice due to outdated designs and equipment. If a hatchery has multistage incubation, evaporative coolers and no plenums, the room pressures are going to swing drastically for six to eight months out of the year. When a room becomes too positive, the intake air flow in a setter increases to a point that it stops circulating through the setter and instead only travels through the top of the setter and leaves through the exhaust. This effect causes the temperature to rise in the lower racks and receive less oxygen. The temp between the lower and upper racks can be as much 3+ degrees and significantly effecting the hatch.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, during the winter months, hatcheries with out of date equipment have been known to reduce the speed of the exhaust fan to help maintain temp and humidity. This will have a similar result on the egg set as too much airflow. The hatch will lack oxygen and become dehydrated from the higher temperatures in the lower racks.

As understanding of these factors continue to spread, there has been a shift throughout the industry. Room pressures need to be viewed as a vital portion of any ventilation system. The goal of any hatchery should be to maintain proper temperature, relative humidity, and room pressures.

No matter the need, HAPCO can assist you in finding the solution. From hatchery ventilation to hatchery automation equipment, the answer is only an email or phone call away. Hatchery Planning Company can be reached by email at or by phone at 1-800-248-1617.

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